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Samsung Foldable Phone – Samsung Is About to Deliver Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Foldable Phone Is Launching Soon When do we truly realize that we are living in future? According to me, it is when we see a dream and develop a desire for that and one day, we finally conquer it. Same is the case with Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, which saw a dream [&hellip

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Apple Reaches 1 Trillion Dollars

What’s more exciting than establishing a multinational company? The answer to this question is crossing the milestones once which looked impossible. Yes, Apple is now first US company with the market cap of over $1 trillion. It might not be the first one to do so, but it is definitely the most anticipated one. Leaving [&hellip

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Everything You Need to Know About IGTV or Instagram TV

We have been fan of social media all our life. We like talking, doing something creative and getting recognized for that. We count our fame with views, likes and comments we get on our creativity. Some example of such social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and lot more like them. We share almost [&hellip

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