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Top 10 Cheap Drones – Budget Drones – Low Cost Drones

There are many cheaper and affordable drones nowadays. They perform very well and are cheap too. If you are looking for best cheap drones then here are the top 10 cheap drones.

  1. Revell Proto Quad
    top 10 cheap drones

Revell Proto Quad cost you £49.99. It is one of the smallest quads around at 28mm and can be stored on the controller itself. It has a six-axis gyro, three-speed levels that you can start off at low speeds to avoid crashes and the ability to perform flips. Revell Proto Quad is so small that sometimes difficult to fly than larger models but has many features.

  1. Nikko Air Elite 115
    top 10 cheap drones

Nikko Air Elite 115 cost $59.99 with a detachable safety ring, controller which have few buttons that allow you to make the drone perform 16 aerobatic tricks. You can also customize the drone’s setting using the Beta Flight software. This drone is designed to withstand crashes which have quick swap battery design and comes with a full set of spare propellers.

  1. Cheerson CX -10
    top 10 cheap drones

Cheerson CX -10 cost $17 which has been for ages. It is one of the cheapest drones you can buy. It is small but is fun to fly. Cheerson CX -10 is useful for both beginners and experts.

  1. Hubsan X4 H107C
    top 10 cheap drones

This will cost you $39.99 with a camera. You can’t see the video in real time on the controller. The video quality is very poor as it is a cheap drone. It is a precise flyer and can find anywhere easily.

  1. Revell Nano Mini

    top 10 cheap drones

The cost of Revell Nano Mini is £30 which is bigger than Proto Quad. This is more like the Cheerson CX-10. It can also fly outdoors in still conditions but weigh only 11.5g. It will fly around 5 mins and takes 45 to charge so spare batteries are necessary.

  1. Parrot Mambo FPV

    top 10 cheap drones

The cost of Parrot Mambo FPV is £159.99. it avoids gimmicky gadgets for a snap-on camera. It comes along with VR-style headset which is for a first-person view of the flight. There is a controller for this drone which can fly without touching your phone screen, prop guard to protect people, property and the props themselves. Its flight time is about eight minutes with a camera on board. You can also get its spare parts easily. Parrot Mambo FPV is a racing drone.

  1. Hubsan X4 FPV
    top 10 cheap drones

The cost of Hubsan X4 FPV is $79.95 but it is not for recording aerial video. Hubsan X4 FPV is a starter drone with the first-person view. There is a screen in the controller rather than a headset for a phone. It is fun to fly and the prices have been also dropped.

  1. Syma X5C
    top 10 cheap drones

Syma X5C cost you £57.99 and is bigger than Nano quads. This drone is 31x31cm which is better for flying outdoors where it is less susceptible to being blown away. It comes along with 2mp camera which takes poor video. It is a cheap drone which is popular, spares and easy to find.

  1. Mota Jetjat nano
    top 10 cheap drones

Mota JetJat Nano is one of the smallest drone 22x22x20mm which cost you 439.99. It is a small drone that can fit into the controller. It can fly for eight minutes and its battery is not removable.

  1. Holy Stone F181
    top 10 cheap drones

This drone has many functions which can fly 8-9 minutes and range up to 100 meters. It is easy to fly and kids above 9 can also fly it easily. It can resist wind up to 10 mph and it is steady against powerful winds. This drone is strong and difficult to break.

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